In an interconnected world, the need for secure communication and transactions is paramount. Traditional messaging apps lack privacy, exposing users to data breaches and unauthorized access. The demand for a decentralized messaging app stems from concerns over data security and privacy in the digital age and this is where CIRI steps in. Existing platforms lack encryption and user data control, making them vulnerable to hacking and surveillance. This calls for a privacy-based solution that puts users in charge of their data and ensures secure communication.

CIRI addresses this need by leveraging blockchain technology to offer enhanced security and privacy features. Through cutting-edge cryptography, encrypted messaging, and private key management, CIRI keeps messages and transactions confidential, even on the platform itself. This empowers individuals and businesses to communicate and transact confidently, knowing their sensitive information is protected.

Moreover, CIRI's decentralization eliminates reliance on a central authority, reducing censorship risks and enhancing security. Its scalability enables a large user base and seamless transactions without compromising performance. The demand for a messaging app that prioritized security, privacy, and user control led to the development of CIRI.

By leveraging smart contracts, CIRI enables the automatic execution of predefined conditions, such as payment transfers and private key management, eliminating intermediaries and facilitating quick, secure, and transparent transactions. To enable these features and utilize the platform, users require access to the CIRI Coin.

CIRI Coin is the native currency of the decentralized messaging platform, CIRI, and offers an array of functionalities within the CIRI ecosystem, ranging from in-app purchases to community engagements and other benefits. This whitepaper details the coin’s technical aspects, including architecture, protocols, and algorithms. It establishes the necessity of such a coin and platform to meet the growing need for secure communication and transactions in the digital era.


Data Privacy

Growing concerns over personal data protection and privacy have emerged as the amount of online information sharing and storage increases. Data breaches, cyber-attacks, and government surveillance pose significant risks to individuals and businesses. High-profile breaches have exposed sensitive personal information, leading to identity theft and fraud.

The collection of personal data by corporations and governments for various purposes has heightened the need for data privacy protection. Despite advancements in privacy technologies like virtual private networks (VPNs) and privacy-focused browsers, individuals still feel vulnerable due to limited privacy options and complex settings. End-to-end encryption has become crucial for secure communication in an age where privacy is a top priority.

Data Custody

The exchange of sensitive information and associated risks underscore the importance of data custody and security in messaging apps. Protecting user privacy and preventing unauthorized access to personal data are primary concerns, particularly in professional settings where confidential business information and client data are shared. Robust security measures are crucial to combating hacking, data breaches, and interception.

Data custody ensures users maintain control over their information, enabling management as desired. This control empowers individuals to shape their digital footprint, safeguard privacy, and make informed decisions about sharing sensitive data. It asserts their privacy rights, fostering ownership and agency over personal information in an interconnected digital landscape.


In our digital era, the importance of data privacy is rapidly escalating. With the proliferation of online activities such as shopping and social media, the volume of personal information being shared and stored has reached unprecedented levels.

Consequently, safeguarding privacy online has become a matter of major public concern, particularly in relation to sensitive data and communications. Moreover, the alarming rise in hacks and data leaks has made people cautious about sharing sensitive information on conventional messaging platforms.

Another obstacle to effective communication arises from the limitations most messaging apps have when it comes to sharing large files. This presents a major inconvenience, especially in professional or collaborative settings. Additionally, slow network connections often impede communication, leading to frustration and delays.

CIRI’s decentralized messaging solution eliminates these concerns by leveraging blockchain technology. It ensures that user data remains solely in the hands of the individuals themselves, granting them complete control over their own information.

Our decentralized application also enhances the speed and efficiency of message transmission and enables the seamless and efficient sharing of large files through its decentralized infrastructure. Users may access the app’s exclusive benefits and advanced features by using its native currency, CIRI Coin.

CIRI Coin plays an integral role in the CIRI messaging app by enabling secure communication and transactions. It empowers users with a secure, comprehensive, and private messaging experience


Smart Contracts

A smart contract is a self-executing program that operates on the blockchain, eliminating the need for intermediaries.

Smart contracts can automate payments by triggering transfers of funds based on predefined conditions.

A smart contract can be set up to automatically pay a certain amount of CIRI Coin to a recipient upon the completion of a specific task or event.


1. Peer-to-Peer Messaging:

CIRI Coin enables users to access CIRI's privacy technologies, ensuring secure and private communication. CIRI incorporates privacy-focused features like private keys and smart contracts, enhancing data protection and streamlining financial transactions. CIRI reduces dependence on central servers by utilizing distributed peer-to-peer networks, leading to faster and more dependable message delivery.

Through CIRI Coin, users are granted access to a variety of advanced messaging features. These features encompass real-time translation capabilities for messages and video calls, as well as an extensive assortment of emojis, stickers, and GIFs.

2. Decentralized Social Networking:

Through the implementation of decentralized technology, CIRI offers users a novel approach to social networking. With CIRI Coin, users can seamlessly connect with others, share information and content, and engage in online communities within a decentralized network. This decentralized framework significantly increases the difficulty for malicious actors to gain unauthorized access to or tamper with users' data.

With the assurance of data protection, users can confidently communicate with their loved ones, foster new relationships, and participate in online communities.

3. Business Communication:

CIRI provides businesses with a secure and private means of communication with their clients, partners, and employees. The platform incorporates privacy-focused attributes that can be accessed using CIRI Coin, including decentralization, private keys, smart contracts, screen recording, and screenshot detection.

These features effectively raise the barriers for malicious actors attempting to gain unauthorized access to business data, empowering businesses with extensive control over their privacy. With CIRI, businesses can be sure of the integrity of their communications, and secure sensitive information within the workplace.


CIRI Coin will form the basis of the value-building mechanism within the CIRI ecosystem.

Out of a total supply of 10,000,000,000 tokens, 20% will be reserved for private rounds, and 20% will be used to maintain the ecosystem. 15% of the total supply of tokens will be used as company reserve funds. 10% will be distributed among partnerships, 10% for teams, and another 10% for advisors. A further 5% will be used for marketing, and community building, and 5% for listing the tokens in exchanges. Lastly, 5% will be distributed to users as airdrops and rewards.

Business Model

CIRI Coin will be used in the CIRI app to unlock premium features in a subscription-based business model. The subscription tiers are categorized as follows:


Available to all users, this tier includes basic messaging features, as well as access to the incentivized network.

Basic Tier

For a small monthly fee, users can access additional massaging features such as screenshot detection, and priority customer support.

Pro Tier

The Pro Tier offers everything in the Basic Tier, plus advanced messaging features such as group chat, encrypted file sharing, and the ability to create and join private groups.

Business Solo Plan

This plan is designed specifically for small business owners and solo entrepreneurs. It includes all of the features of the Pro Tier, as well as added benefits such as dedicated customer support and customizable messaging options.

Enterprise Tier

The Enterprise Tier is designed for large organizations and corporations. It offers all of the features of the Pro and Business Solo Tiers, as well as enterprise-level security features, dedicated account management, and customized integrations.

Each of these tiers is designed to meet the unique needs of different types of users, and users can upgrade or downgrade their subscription as their needs change over time.




  • Research and development of CIRI Coin and the CIRI application.
  • Product development and market analysis for the CIRI application.



  • Initiate the development of the CIRI-BEP20 token on the BSC network.
  • Launch the CIRI Coin website.


  • List CIRI Coin on cryptocurrency exchanges.
  • Develop the CIRI Coin-powered secure CIRI app.


  • Begin CIRI coin bridge development for Fantom, Polygon, and Avalanche.
  • Focus on community-building efforts and engaging with early adopters.


  • Launch the app CIRI app’s test version.
  • Introduce real-time translation, anti-recording features, and emojis.



  • Collect user feedback and implement improvements accordingly.
  • Develop smart contracts and a cryptocurrency rewards system.


  • Integrate CIRI Coin as a payment method in the CIRI app.
  • Release initial smart contracts and cryptocurrency rewards.


  • Launch the decentralized CIRI messaging application.
  • Begin CIRI Coin mainnet development.


  • Introduce CIRI for Business with dedicated support and custom messaging.
  • Expand crypto support on CIRI to include additional coins and tokens.



  • Begin development of additional features based on user feedback.
  • Launch the CIRI coin testnet.


  • Introduce decentralized file storage and sharing on CIRI network.
  • Collaborate with messaging platforms for CIRI Coin payment integration.


  • Launch the CIRI Coin mainnet.
  • Establish partnerships to enhance and grow CIRI’s user base.


  • Expand CIRI user base globally.
  • Explore blockchain integrations with other services.


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